The Right Water for Ultimate Wellness

If you follow health-related articles and trends, you’ve undoubtedly heard about acid versus alkaline and the effects on illness, diseases, cancer, and overall health. It is a very confusing, controversial topic and extremely difficult to change through diet alone. Recently, I altered my pH (without radically changing my healthy diet) and the benefits are unbelievable.

My Shocking Discovery

Throughout my life, I have battled chronic inflammation and immune issues, most recently suspected RA (possibly one of the 15% that doesn’t show the blood markers). In late October 2016, I took a photo of my extremely swollen knuckles to show my rheumatologist; I wanted him to see it at its worst. My hands hurt to the point of not being able to type; work was increasingly difficult. Writing is my livelihood – I was fearful of what my future might hold. My continual efforts to stay healthy and lower my inflammation seemed in vain.

One Monday morning I had a conversation with my sweetie, Allan, about finding a way in the upcoming year to permanently stop my spiraling symptoms, not just treat them and deal with it. My functional medicine activities were helping, but not enough. I remember saying, “There has to be SOMETHING besides all the energy work, chiropractic, supplementation, diet, exercise, and the painful IVs that I can do to make this better!”

Unbeknownst to me, my life would change the very next day. I had agreed to go to a networking group at the Kangen water store; I did not realize I was walking into my SOMETHING. A coincidence? No way! That networking invitation changed my life!

I was familiar with ionized water from my doctors in Florida but this system was way beyond anything they had ever mentioned. I took some of the mechanically ionized alkalized water home to try and within four days, my arthritis pain and inflammation were gone. Completely gone. I have the photos to prove it! I woke up pain-free and could see the outline of my bony calcified knuckles. If I hadn’t had the physical proof, I would’ve assumed it was mind over matter.




pH Balance

As I am keen to do, I began voraciously researching and discovered a major factor to being healthy and possibly cancer-free – removing excess acid from our diets while adding oxygen and hydration (diseases and cancer thrive in oxygen-starved, acidic environments).

Most of us are, unknowingly, acidic and chronically dehydrated. My diet consists of 90% organic food with a little sweet treat daily, lots of water, no alcohol, soda (pop), or coffee, and very little acidic food. So, when I learned my pH was around 4 (very acidic), I was shocked! Healthy pH is between 7.35 and 7.45. Though our bodies are designed to automatically balance our pH, our lifestyles, food, and poor water make it very difficult to find that balance. I also discovered I wasn’t absorbing the water I was drinking; my cells were starved for fluids.

By drinking ionized alkalized water, I quickly neutralized my acidity, added more oxygen and antioxidants, hydrated my body and boosted my body’s ability to create healthy cells and fight inflammation. Seems too easy, doesn’t it? To put it very simply, by mechanically ionizing the water (not chemically like most alkaline water), the hydrogens and oxygen atoms divide into smaller molecules making the essential nutrients and hydration easier to absorb.

I had been wondering, why isn’t my daily aerobic workout, clean diet, and 7-8 hours of sleep per night enough to provide a healthy, balanced system? The answer: because I am genetically predisposed to a poor immune system, the environment is loaded with oxidizing pollutants, and our drinking water – whether filtered tap water, reverse osmosis water, or bottled mineral water – is acidic (pH of 7 is not enough for most to balance the acid), low in essential minerals, and difficult to completely absorb.


The advantages of drinking ionized alkalized water stem from boosting your body’s defenses and ability to perform properly by lowering your acidity and opening your cells to badly needed nutrients, oxygen, and hydration.

  • Healthy blood cells and heart (akin to aerobic activity)
  • Antioxidants absorb directly into your cells – better immunity
  • Hydration greatly improves
  • Fight free-radicals; keep cells from being damaged
  • Better sleep, more energy, ability to fight disease and illness
  • Helps with cravings and weight loss
  • May decrease or eliminate diabetes and other chronic illnesses
  • Another weapon to fight against cancer

After another week of trying the water, I bought a Kangen water machine (been around since 1965 in Japan and Europe), my doctor found no signs of RA in December, and I have stayed healthy since. I have been able to limit my medical bills and feel well nearly every day (if I don’t drink enough, I feel it). Research and controversy aside, I am living proof that there are benefits to drinking the right water.

There are pages of research and data proving and disproving the acid/alkaline theory, but if you want to learn more, look into the references below or reach out to me via email,

Dr. Shinya’s video,

Dr. Mercola’s video with Dr. Pollack,,

A brief history of the first ionizer for drinking water (Kangen water)  developed in Japan, 1965,



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