A Little About Me

Kristin Deann

I am a published author with a degree in Advertising from Michigan State University. I grew up in gorgeous Traverse City, Michigan, and have lived in several states, settling in a place I never thought I’d enjoy but was transferred to for my late husband’s job – Missouri. What a beautiful place with kind, loving, welcoming people.

My Passion for Functional Health

One of my passions and the reason for this blog is highlighting the benefits of alternative, holistic health. Thanks to my parents, our whole family started chiropractic with kinesiology when I was just five-years-old. When one of us would get the flu or feel ill, we would get an adjustment and feel better almost immediately. My sister had scoliosis at a young age, which chiropractic fixed, and it also alleviated my dad’s chronic disc pain. As I grew up, natural medicine became a way of life. I was allergic to many things (thanks to my red hair, scientists say) and had to go the natural route to get over normal “kid” ailments.

In my early twenties, when I went away to MSU (go Spartans!) I met a holistic Nurse Practitioner who helped me continue my health journey, alleviating issues with herbs, supplements, and natural remedies, along with continued chiropractic care and sports medicine.

From My Experiences

In this blog, I hope to help clear up the web of confusion of what is true and what is hype from my own experiences and research, and inspire a few readers to take charge of their health the way I have. It is not easy to go holistic – quite the opposite, however, the continuous positive results strengthen my belief in nature’s way of healing.

Gratitude is woven into each day when I realize how fortunate I am to have taken this path instead of the American pharmaceutical-driven road most of us have been forced to navigate. Don’t get me wrong – at times western medicine is necessary and helpful and has helped me with certain issues, but I see it is a last resort when all else fails.

If I Help 1 Person…

Countless individuals have asked me to share what I have learned to give hope to those who are lost and feel there is no remedy for their constant pain or illness; for those who feel there are no reasonable solutions left. The key is to never stop searching and trying; to never give up on what your body needs as life unfolds. If I help one person get out of pain or find an answer to a health-related mystery by reading this, I will feel as though I have done something worthwhile in this life.

I am thankful to those of you who are following my story and pray for your good health, happiness and abiding love as you walk your journey.


2 Responses to A Little About Me

  1. karen shy says:

    Hi, Kristin,
    I have read Dr. Mercola e-mails for a couple of years and try to follow his guidelines.
    I read about your tooth pain. I need to change dentist for insurance reasons. Do you recommend a dentist near me? I live in Lake St. Louis as well.
    I enjoyed your writing.
    Sincerely, Karen


    • kdgersch says:

      Hi Karen. I am so sorry I didn’t see your comment until today. The system is supposed to alert me and it didn’t. I see Dr. Schoolman at Cherry Hills Dentistry in Wildwood. He and the other dentist there are both really good and operate the holistic way! It’s not hard to get to them as they are very near 100 on Manchester. Takes about 30-40 minutes.

      Thank you for the compliment! I need to get back to my blog. I’ve been busy with work so sadly, it takes a back seat! I hope this didn’t come too late.

      All the Best,


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