2014-03-01 11.51.37 HDR


the serenity of the sea…

tinkling of shells as gentle waves recede

tiny chimes that only

pure solitude can reveal

Seagulls, terns and pipers

slowly awaken in the sand

fluttering their wings and heads

They shake off the cobwebs of the night

and waddle toward the shore

silhouetted in the lavender morning light

To the west

the sea stretches to infinity

steely-blue pastels

rippling satin

A mirrored playground for dolphin

to glide with grace

as they gently frolic with each other

 leaving behind a small wake

The sky to the east 

stunning turquoise blue

 illuminated by the rising sun

palm fronds tipped with silver

etch-a-sketch patterns in the sand

Sea grass on the dunes

sways in the breeze

carrying a distinct salt-air fragrance

 misty and pure


the power of Mother Nature

the privilege of these moments

all-consuming peace

inspiring awe and the sheer pleasure

of being a guest in her paradise

Kristin Sadler, December 2005